Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Killing Us Softly: Advertising Image of Women

I am a huge fan of Jean Kilbourne she does a ton of work recognizing the way media represents the image of women. Some of you may remember watching this video in ECS 200. I believe the way media represents women impacts how young girls view themselves, and affects their self esteem.  I showed this video to my BUGS girls (a program I run called Building Up Girls Self Esteem). The girls are from ages 11-13. All the girls felt that they strive to get this certain "look" that the media portrays woman to look like. They all felt peer pressure from tv ads, magazines, movies, and their peers, to look and act a certain way. I dislike that our society influences young girls to have distorted images of what women should look like, what they should look like. One of the girls in the group even pointed out that there are no other races other than white women in this video, which I found very interesting. Many  ads these days completely distort woman. They photoshop them to look completely different. Some ads even take different body parts of other woman and create a frankenstein model. What kind of message is this sending to girls? Is that real beauty?

What are some of your thoughts towards this issue and video?

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