Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Tech Task #5: All About Me

When I googled my name there were a few main pages that stood out. My Summer Sports School letter to parents, my Facebook page, my ECMP blog that I made for this class, my Pinterest page and the U of R track team roster. Nothing inappropriate came up, but nothing that showed what George Couros was looking for when hiring new teachers. There was nothing that showed how involved I am in the community or that I am making a huge difference online. I didn't not like what I found, but there was nothing extraordinary.
I am quite weary of what to put/do online because I have had some education profs tell me that we should not be online at all. That being online could jeopardize our future teaching career. So doing more things online is difficult thing for me, especially after listening to George Couros. He does amazing things online and specifically looks for applicants who our actively involved online making a difference. My apprehension could also root from the fact that I was taught in a  traditional school setting.
In the future, once I have a classroom of my own I would definitely like to be more involved online. I would love to start a classroom blog, have students create their own blog. So students can show their work online where more people can view it and can learn from each other. I just need to become more comfortable online and push my boundaries. This class is a huge help for me!

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