Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Tech Task #1 Who Am I?

Hello All, My name is Nicole Koza and I am going into my fourth year of education.  I am eager and exited to be going into internship in the fall! However I am nervous about taking this course. I have never taken an online class before and almost all technology confuses me. So this should be an interesting two months! I hope to learn a lot about technology and using it in the classroom. Here is a little about myself:  I lead a very active lifestyle I love sports and being in the outdoors. On the weekend I just had the first bon fire of the summer in my backyard which I have been waiting to do for a long time now! I have been on the U of R Track team and play a variety of Rec sports during the year.  I also have two huge golden retrievers that keep me busy.  I work two jobs, my first job is at the university as a Summer Sports School coordinator which is a sport camp for children ages 4-12. My second job is selling shoes at DAWGS shoe store, and no it is not a shoe store for dogs..  Family is very important to me, my family and I do a lot of traveling together. Every year we go on snow boarding trips to Panorama, camping trips to Kelowna, and snowmobiling or quading trips almost every weekend depending on our weather! My friends are also important to me I am very lucky to have such amazing friends in my life!  Below are a few pictures of me and my family :) 

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