Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Tech Task #2: Google Form

This course has been an interesting learning experience for me. I struggle with almost everything online! Before this course the only things I used online were Microsoft Word, power point and Facebook. All my friends tease me by saying I am like an 80 year old when it comes to doing anything online because I have no idea what I am doing! So setting up a blog, posting on it, making a twitter account and creating a Google doc form are completely new to me. Even though Michael Wacker's presentation was very engaging, I was confused with a majority of it, because I do struggle with EVERYTHING online!

Most things online are new to me, but the one thing I thought that would benefit me as a future teacher is Google Docs. It took me some time to get used to Google Docs, but once I stopped getting frustrated I learned that it is a great program and very easy to use. Basically it is a FREE tool where you can make and use any type of document, presentation, form etc online. Once you have made your document you can let anyone access it, without sending emails.
After talking with my younger brother who is in high school, he had shared with me that majority of his classes are set up in Google Docs. Teacher's feel as though they are way easier to use, they can have a paperless classroom and majority of students are online all the time so it is easy to access. I feel I would definitely use Google Docs in my future classroom to post assignments, grades, up coming events, reminders etc..This way students can always know what is going on in the classroom from at home or with a smart phone essentially anywhere. This also acts as a way to keep parents involved and up to date. Rather than sending home tons of paper (that typically gets lost) there is one space parents can look and get the information they need.

For more information about Google Docs or how how to set up a Google Doc go to the link below:



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