Saturday, 1 June 2013

Tech Task #6: Story Telling Part 1

For this weeks tech task we were allowed to explore the nature of story telling. I have always loved telling stories and having stories told to me.  In regards to this, I  decided to take part in question 2.

Using Five Card Stories was surprisingly easy. I am always apprehensive to try new tech tasks because I struggle using new technology, especially online! Yet five card was easy to use, fun and something I will definitely use in the future. Everything was very easy to find and the pictures were incredible.
If I had to point out a challenge with using the website I would have to say saving your story might pose as a challenge for some students. To save your story you have to write a security code and the letters are very close together and may be difficult for some people to read. Other than that this was a great source and I saved it as one of my favourites.

As a future educator I would definitely use this website in my classroom.  I believe this would be a great activity for any grade. This is a great way to introduce the processes of story making/telling. As well as teaching young children the fundamental tools of literature when matching/adding pictures to texts.

Below are the links to my two stories.

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