Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Tech Task #7: Mobiles For Learning

After watching the session with Liz Klob I learned a lot about incorporating mobile phones into the classroom. One of the ideas in Liz's presentation that I really liked and would use in a classroom was         Qr Codes.  I will be interning in a kindergarten classroom and majority of the students do have IPad's . Teachers can also book out IPads and use them for their class. So the kindergarten's can use their ipads for a ton of different activities especially QR Codes. Also parents can use their smart phones to see what their children are learning, or can do different activities at home. 
I would use QR Codes in my kindergarten classroom to: 
Here is a link to create your own QR Codes:
Here you can do a ton of cool things with QR Codes like change the colour of your QR Code for different events. 

As I got to thinking of different activities to do with the kindergarten class I found the blog Technology in Early Childhood. In this blog kindergarten teachers post different activities young children can do using technology. There was a link to QR Codes for kindergarten classrooms where there are a ton a different activities and bar codes to use in the classroom. Such as counting games, activity sheets or sliders to help young children match words to texts. 


  1. Hi Nicole,
    I really enjoyed your post! I wrote a large comment and then tried to publish it and it refused it so i'm going to try again! If it shows up twice i apologize! I experienced working with QR codes in the classroom during a final exam actually. The students would walk around to each question using their ipad, scan the QR code to get their question and answer it at that station. Each time the students would go around to scan the QR codes the multiple choice choices (a,b,c,d) would change to increase difficulty of cheating. The students loved being able to write a test different than they usually would. This was the chosen way the students went about writing the exam for being environmentally friendly (as they were working on using less paper in their classroom) - I really enjoyed seeing the older students have an opportunity to write an exam in a less traditional way and it is great to see you are going to incorporate it at a younger age level! Great Job and Good Luck!!

    1. Thanks for the comment! That is a great idea I never would have thought to make exams that way. I always get nervous writing exams because I cannot sit for so long.. I need to fidget! This is excellent because it gets students moving and feel more at ease. :)