Friday, 7 June 2013

The Real Polar Bears

Some of you may have seen this video. I think it speaks strongly to the rising percent of obese children in Canada. Working in a summer camp I have seen the negative effects of children eating junk food. Our camp foster healthy living and being physically active, yet children come with pop, chips, candy and a ton of other junk foods. It is hard for children/youth to eat healthy when they may come from families that cannot afford anything but fast food. Also with all of the advertisement of junk food making it attractive to people. I am very concerned with how healthy children are. Research has shown that if children have these bad eating/physical habits that will carry into adulthood, and are more likely to become obese. These habits are detrimental to their health. What are some of your thoughts to these issues of children eating junk food and not being physically active? Thoughts or comments?


  1. We watched this video in our EHE class last semester. We were told in one of my classes that the most recognized sign when it came to children was the McDonalds golden M.I think that obesity is something that we as teachers need to address at an early grade. Student's these days eat way to much unhealthy, junk food and do not get enough physical activity. We need to teach students nutrition and why they need to eat properly so that they can make their own wise decisions on what they need to put into their bodies. We also need to teach them about how physical activity will help keep them healthy and how so that they will want to play sports and realize why it is so important. I think that health should be one of the top priorities for teaching at a young age so that they learn it and can make their own healthy decisions based on food and physical activity.

  2. I forgot about this video! Thank you for re-posting it :) I think that awareness is the first step to achieving a healthier life style. As long as there are people who are persistent and willing enough to help that is where it all begins!

  3. I think it all starts with parents. If they eat healthy and are active, their children will most likely be too. Unfortunately, many parents do not lead healthy lifestyles, so therefore as teachers, we need to incorporate physical activity into our classrooms as much as possible. Do 3 or 4 Brain Breaks in an hour class-this will get the students heart rate up, as well as have positive effects on their behaviour and learning. Also, at recess, plan games for the students. Kids often sit around at recess and play on their phone or talk, but if you get something going, the majority of them will participate.
    We need to take advantage of every opportunity we have to get our kids moving!

  4. Eating habit is something which children pick up when they are young, so I would say it all starts with parents. Kids learn what they see as parents play a role model for them. It they learn to eat healthy when young they are likely to maintain a healthy lifestyle when they are adults. We, as teachers, can incorporate physical activities as apart of our daily classroom routine (as Bretten said. We should encourage students to move out in the play ground during lunch breaks and indulge in some sort of play. We should encourage children to drink more water, instead of the soda as over consumption of sweetened drinks and sodas has been linked to increased rates of obesity in children. We can even plan some workshops for parents to create awareness about the benefits of eating healthy. After all they are the caretakers at home.
    Thanks for sharing!